Fix to get unetbootin’s graphical interface with root in debian 9

Unetbootin is a very nice software to create bootable live usb keys. It requires to be run as root to get the access to format the usb disk. If you launch [...]

Test all coefficients equal to 0 with systemfit R package

You might use the package systemfit to estimate simultaneous equations[1]. Systemfit does not explain how to test null coefficients together. The solution is [...]

plotting multiple deseasonalised time series in R

Plotting a whole dataframe of time series is easy in R. However, what about plotting series that you treated? For example, if you have N series (N > 1) [...]

Plotting time series in python is so simple

As an econ student, I was more inclined to code in VBA or in R. However, I had my first indirect contact with python through sage math. It is a powerful solver [...]

Some useful resources about proprietary financial databases

Sometimes, PhD students have to deal with proprietary databases which come along with proprietary softwares. They might be painful to use in particular when [...]

Interfacing R with sagemath

I am putting here the documentation which helps me to interface R with sagemath. I think it is very interesting to enjoy the best of Python and R for [...]