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Economics Nobel prize 2018 : neoliberalism with a human face

I would like to share this reddit thread about the nobel awards which shares many different resources about the topic : The 2018 Nobel prize awarded to [...]

Proposal for an anarchist finance

I know that the title looks very weird. Let us be clear now. First, finance as a field studies how financial capabilities are allocated to fill financial [...]

Creepy testimony of Theo, raped by the French police

Theo is a young man who was victim of police violence. He was raped with a stick by one of the policeman. Footage of his beating up was released and showed how [...]

How do we « talk to them »?

I feel like the word "racist" has lost all its force in American politics. Saying "X is a racist" now appears to have zero negative effect. — Noah [...]

Facts show Assad does not care about ISIS

I will expose here the reasons which make me think that ISIS is not a burning issue for Assad. This article is a short summary. For more detailed information, [...]