Proposal for an anarchist finance

I know that the title looks very weird. Let us be clear now. First, finance as a field studies how financial capabilities are allocated to fill financial needs. It is a subfield of economics which studies more broadly the allocation of resources which are inherently limited to the needs which are by definition limited.

Since the 1980s, the financialization movement has given a major place to financial instruments for companies funding and commodity trading. It is the last avatar of globalization which has been accompanied by growing inequalities.

Most of the anarchist economics come from the beginning of the XXth century. It does not take in account consumerism and financialization. With consumerism, the acquisition and the accumulation of goods has been generalized in developed economies. With financialization, new technologies have been heavily funded through financial instruments like in the private equity or the investment banking sector with start ups for example. Supporters of capitalism can argue that they can bring to people a massive choice of products in a relative plenty. This idea has been enshrined by the failure of centralized authoritarian communism. It failed because it did not satisfy consumption needs as a capitalist system could do.

Nonetheless, consumerism contributed massively to the ecological disaster that our planet endures. Moreover, growing inequalities have brought injustices, anger and far right. It is why, this idea of this project of an anarchist finance is to propose a credible alternative to the capitalist finance as we know it today.

First, the point of the view of this project is a communist libertarian one. It means the property is common. Second, it is decentralized. The whole issue is to create a self-reliant system which coordinates resource allocations efficiently and fairly.

You can download my draft here. I am really looking for people interested in law, economics and finance to write an essay for an anarchist finance. Do not hesitate to let a comment, to send me an email (secrelisee*@*, to contact me on twitter or facebook if you are interested.

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  1. Très intéressant, malgré quelques approximations linguistiques (qui demeurent toutefois compréhensibles). Un point en particulier me dérange cependant : le cas de l’entreprise qui, pour rembourser sa dette envers la communauté, donnerait des cours aux enfants. Ne serait-ce pas une occasion pour l’entreprise de n’enseigner aux futurs actifs que le savoir-faire dont elle a besoin (à  la manière d’une entreprise informatique ne formant les étudiants qu’à  l’utilisation de sa gamme de logiciels, dans le cadre d’un partenariat avec l’école) ?

    • Très bonne question. Il faut voir ce que la communauté arriverait à  obtenir d’une coopérative dans l’accord que les deux concluraient ensemble. C’est vrai que c’est une dérive potentielle.

  2. Bonjour,
    Connais-tu le bouquin suivant : “Pour une économie libertaire. Pistes et réflexions” de F. Antonini (éditions Nada, 2019) ? Tu devrais peut-être prendre contact avec lui ?

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